Thursday, 7 September 2017

The Web Based Office Applications Simplifies Tasks for Project Managers

The web based office applications simplifies the daily tasks for the project manager. Using these applications it becomes easy for the project manager to control different tasks with just a click on the computer system or mobile. The project manager shall be able to handle their job much more efficiently having control on all aspects of the ongoing projects using the various office applications to coordinate not only the tasks but also the staff from time to time. Mycpohq has launched their Creative Pro Office applications that helps to do more with less efforts to manage a project. The office dashboard is a wonderful application that comes up with different widgets like calendar, tasks, open invoices, current projects all brought onto a single platform for a birds view and manage things. The project management application is also a wonderful tool to track data on the status of the current projects, hours spent on different projects, project contacts, notes, files, amounts invoiced and many more that can be presented in one tabbed view and can later be archived or removed from the work flow.

web based office applications

The project managers no doubt has lot of responsibility on their shoulders as they are answerable to the clients on the status of the projects for which they need to coordinate different tasks and have the latest information about the projects on their fingertips. The task manager application allows the project manager to assign tasks, create milestones, track time on tasks, subscribe a task to RSS feed and many more. The web based office applications like invoices allows to create recurring invoices directly from the timesheets and direct them to the clients for payment without any hassles. It is also possible to download the invoices as a PDF file and also print the paper invoices with the company logo. The file manager application allows to share important files with team members and clients and attach these files to tasks, invoices, projects, messages etc based on the requirement.

The web based office applications like team permissions also facilitates the administrators with a very fine control over the data assigning permission and access to the files only to those that they need to see. The Creative Pro office applications also support almost support 20 languages and you can actually avail the 30 day free trial of this office applications and once satisfied can download the full version that is being offered at a very competitive price.

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