Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Project Management Dashboard Software Offer Simple and Intuitive Interface to Manage Projects Efficiently

Project management software helps in simplifying the administrative tasks in such a manner that the project manager has all information and updates of the project on a single platform to easily monitor the work in progress and also ensure a smooth work flow of the project by his team members. Creative Pro Office is one such wonderful project management software developed by Mycpohq that allows one to manage their project tasks quite efficiently. The project management dashboard software tool from the company helps one to stay informed about the important aspects of a project with just a glance of the dashboard that is comprised of widgets like calendars, current project details, open invoices, tasks and many more that can be added, removed or edited on the dashboard. The dashboard can connect you to the data sources like excel spread sheets, cloud applications and also databases     on a single dashboard to take informed decisions much more easily by analysing the required data.

project management dashboard software

The project management software is also equipped with tools like project manager that presents all important information in one single tabbed view like the data status, hours spent on the tasks, project contacts, amounts invoiced, files, notes, messages etc that can be easily archived or removed with just a click. The task management software tool is also one of its kind that allows to create tasks, milestones, to-do lists, assign tasks to team members, create comment threads, attach files to tasks, track time on tasks and also export task lists to Excel and create nice PDF printouts. It is also possible to filter and view only incomplete tasks; on-going tasks assigned to the team members or completed tasks with the help of the task management software that allows making a decision with crucial information at hand.

The timesheets and job timer is also one of the best project management software tools from Creative Pro Office that allows attaching a time clock widget on the time sheets to view the amount of time spent on each task and project that also makes it easy to bill the customers by creating invoices directly from the timesheets. The calendars, file manager, mobile and desktop apps and report generation tools are also part of the project management software that enhances the work experience of the project manager to have an overview about the project with a single click and take decisions more efficiently using the data.

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