Friday, 10 February 2017

Checkout for Reliable Online Project Management Tools That Helps to Manage Your Projects Efficiently

The online project management tools can surely enhance the efficiency of the project managers allowing them to plan and organise the project at every stage by collaborating with the team members, managing project costs, forecasting, budgeting and many more things all from a single platform. The creativepro office from mycpohq is one of the best project management software that allows the project managers to handle their job much more efficiently cutting down costs and minimizing errors to complete the project within the deadline. The online project management tools from the company include office dashboard that allows you to use the widgets to display invoices, calendar, current projects, completed tasks and many more all on a single screen to glance at one shot and take an informed decision. The project manager tool allows to view all information in a one tabbed view like the project status, tasks, amounts invoiced, hours spent on the project, files, notes and messages that also allows to archive the data with just a single click. The expenses and online invoice tool allows to create professional looking invoices directly from the timesheets and send them across the email to the client. This way you are no way going to miss out on the billable amount and they can also be printed as a PDF file or on to a paper to create the invoices that comes along with the company logo.

online project management tools

Similarly, there are also many more online project management tools like task manager that helps to create mile stones for the team members and also the to-do lists, assign tasks to the team members and also attach files to the tasks, create track times, common threads and also segregate complete, incomplete and on-going tasks to know the about the work that needs to be done at any given point of time. It is also possible to assign tasks to multiple team members, export task lists to excel, take RSS feedback and also create PDF printouts. The other tools like calendars, file manager, mobile and desktop apps, reports etc all allow to execute the project cutting down costs and enhancing the performance of the team members. One can actually download the software for a free demo and if you feel it helpful for your project can actually check out for the version that offers you the best platform to manage projects in a professional manner.

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