Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Manage Your Projects Better With The Help of Project Management Dashboard Software

A project manager's job primarily revolves around attending several meetings in a day which run for hours together. The project manager has to appraise the client about the current status of the project in the form of various dashboards, reports etc. Therefore, the project manager has to be really efficient in preparing the right kind of reports that have the capacity to enable the clients to look at the data from various angles and perspectives. There are several constraints that are to be taken care of by the project manager, which include time, cost, quality, risks and others. In order to make sure that these constraints do not become a matter of concern, the project manager should be regularly monitoring the project and should make sure that the project is going as per plan. To do this, he takes the help of a lot of reports which show the status of the project constraints and help him understand the status better. In order to help the project managers do their jobs better, CreativePro Office (CPO) has come up with a project management dashboard software that creates all kinds of reports. It includes everything like projects, invoices, tasks, time tracking, calendar and many more.

project management dashboard software

There is an office dashboard which helps the project manager to stay informed at a glance. The dashboard has several widgets that show the project manager's calendar, open invoices, tasks, current projects and much more. The invoices & Expenses dashboard helps the project manager to create professional looking invoices to his or her clients. These can be sent to the clients directly via email. The project manager would be able to quickly add timesheet entries and expense items to his invoices. Time is another major constraint of a project and the Timesheets and Time Clock dashboards give a daily view of the time spent on the projects and tasks. This way, the project manager would not lose precious hours of billable work. The Task Management software provides a list of all the tasks, milestones and other miscellaneous list of to-dos. The tasks can be assigned to multiple team members and the files can also be attached and sent to the team members. Comment threads can also be created through these dashboards. All the important data pertaining to the projects which include the time spent, the tasks carried out, the amount invoiced, project contacts, messages and notes can be presented to the client in one concise view.

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