Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The Project Management Dashboard Software from CreativePro Office Caters to International Customers

The project manager holds a very responsible position as he is in charge of one or several projects. He owns all the projects that he is working on and is responsible for the successful completion of the project. The project manager not only has to manage the project but also has a responsibility to live up to the expectations of all the stakeholders involved in the project. One of the many important tasks that a project manager has to carry out is to apprise the stakeholders of the current status of the project at regular intervals. The project manager is supposed to have meetings all through the week with the stakeholders and let them know about the project status. Therefore, he has to apprise them of the current status in the form of various kinds of reports, dashboards and other presentations. The project manager should ensure that the reports are accurate and depict the true status of the project. The reports should be generated in such a way that the stakeholders are able to interpret the data in the right way and be able to take decisions on the future course of the project. The reports should be able to cover details about all the constraints in a project like time, cost, quality, risks and others.

project management dashboard software

In the recent past, CreativePro office (CPO) has introduced a new project management dashboard software that enables the project manager to generate various types of report according to the way he wants. The dashboard software has all that a project manager requires which include projects, invoices, tasks, calendar, time tracking, quality dashboards and many more. There is also a task management tool that provides the project manager with the set of tasks that have been completed and the list of tasks that are yet to start or be completed. The tool provides a simple list of things to be done apart from the timeframes allocated for each of the tasks. The dashboard software has been developed keeping in mind the international customers. Therefore, the software has developed to support almost 10 different languages. The software also supports about 20 currencies. The management of Creative Pro office is looking at adding more languages and currencies very soon in order to cater to all the customers around the globe. With the help of this software, the entire data can be presented in a single concise view.

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