Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The Online Project Management Tools Simplifies Project Manager Life

The role of a project manager is very stressful as they have to look after many aspects like assigning tasks to the right people, checking the available resources, client meetings, preparing invoices, time tracking and many more. They also need to ensure the projects are completed within time and budget and any small deviation from this course of action can actually result in bad reputation and failure of the project. Hence the project managers always need to have the project statistics on their fingertips to take the right decision at the right time to manage projects effectively and efficiently to complete on time and meet the expectations on the clients. This is when they can actually checkout for reliable online project management tools that come very much handy in helping them manage their projects in the right way. You can find Mycpohq coming up with creative pro office project management tools that helps to handle projects in a better way without any stress to manage all aspects of a project from a single platform.

online project management tools

The project management tools consist of office dashboard that offers a single platform and widgets that show invoices, calendar, current projects, tasks and many more to stay informed with a glance and take the right decision.  The project manager tool is also very useful where you can check project data like tasks, hours spent on a project, status, project contacts, files, add notes, amounts invoiced and messages in a singled tabbed view for you to manage the projects with a single click and either archive the data or remove it from the work flow. It is also possible to create tasks, set milestones, attach files to tasks, assign tasks to multiple members, create comment threads and also track time on tasks with the help of the task manager tool. You can also filter multiple tasks based on whether completed or incomplete and need to be assigned to a team member. The timesheet and job timer allows to create billable work hours on specific tasks and projects. The invoices can be generated automatically based on the timesheets and directly sent to the clients for release of payments.

It is not just these tools there are many more offered as online project management tools that really makes the job simplified for the project managers to concentrate on other important issues and reduce mundane work that can be handled efficiently with the help of the project management tools.

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