Monday, 29 May 2017

Alignment Of Tasks Becomes Easy With Task Management Software

A project manager handles multiple projects every day. Therefore, it becomes really difficult at times to keep track of all the tasks for each project. It is a herculean task to identify the tasks and align them to the right people, especially when the number of projects is more. It is very important for a project manager to meet all the internal milestones on time and therefore, the tasks have to be allocated to the people on time. The new office dashboard from CreativePro office has come to the rescue of the project managers to make their lives easy. The new dashboard helps the project manager stay informed on the latest status of all the projects handled by him at any given point of time. All this can be viewed at a single glance. There are several dashboard widgets that the project managers can use which include calendar, open invoices, tasks, current projects and much more. The task management software helps the project manager to identify the tasks and put them in the form of simple to-do lists. It helps the project manager to create internal milestones.

task management software

The project manager will also be able to assign the tasks to multiple team members from multiple projects. Another added advantage of the task management software is that it allows the project manager to attach files and also create comment threads. The project manager will now be able to plan better and manage better with the help of this software and will be able to track the status of the project at any time. The project manager will be able to prioritize things better and discuss the team's work in full context with complete visibility. The project manager will be able to keep in touch with his team at any given point of time and will be able to notify them about various important matters instantly. The software helps the project manager in giving some flexibility in planning and the entire execution would be transparent irrespective of whether the team is with you or spread across the globe. All the team members will be on the same page. The software also has a robust reporting functionality that gives the manager's team a critical insight into their project that is backed by data. The software makes the entire process of managing the projects extremely simple. The project manager will be able to focus better on all the projects and will be able to meet the expectations of the stakeholders.

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