Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Download Best Project Management Dashboard Software to Manage Projects Effectively

The project manager plays an important role executing the project in the best quality and time managing all the resources and risks involved in the process. The job is quite hectic as he is the one who has to co-ordinate the day to day tasks in the project as well as responsible to apprise the clients on the progress of the project periodically. To make the project manager job a bit simple you can now find some wonderful online project management tools being offered by Mycpohq in the name of creative pro office management tools. This includes the project management dashboard software offering a wonderful platform for the project managers to manage and execute multiple tasks from a single platform. This dashboard software comes with different widgets that shows tasks, current projects, invoices, calendar and many more at a glance for the manager to plan and assign tasks to multiple teams from a single platform. It gives them an overall idea regarding the status of the current project like the assigned tasks, on- going tasks and completed tasks to plan the work process. The project manager can also generate reports, notes, files and messages which are all presented in a single tabbed view.

online project management tools

Similarly, the online project management tools like task manager is one of its kind which allows the project managers to crate not only tasks but also create mile-stones, to-do lists, assign tasks, track time on tasks, comment threads and also export tasks lists to excel for creating PDF printouts. There is also timesheet and job timer tool that allows one to view the time spent on specific projects each day. The online invoice generating tool allows to create invoices based on the job timer and time sheet and sent to the clients directly not to miss out on accounting any single hour spent on the project. It is also possible to view or download the invoices for the clients to make the payments. There is also a calendar to create multiple calendars and share with the team members. The file manager tool allows project managers to attach files to task, invoices, messages etc. There are also many more mobile and desktop apps from creative pro office software that simplifies the task of the project manager to handle his job more effectively and efficiently.

One can also download the trial version of the project manager software before they actually buy out the full version.

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