Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Web Based Office Applications Facilitate to Manage Projects More Efficiently

The project manager is the one person who is trusted with the responsibilities of completing the project on time and within the budgets managing the resources and controlling different aspects of the project operations with utmost efficiency. These responsibilities surely puts a lot of stress on the project manager to handle the project efficiently. But not anymore with the project management dashboard software that simplifies things and generates quick and effective reports on the day to day basis that makes it easy for the project manager to make informed decisions quite quickly and enhance the efficiency of completing the projects as per the clients expectations. The dashboard comes with several widgets like calendar, tasks, invoices, current projects and many more on a single platform making it easy for the project manager to take decisions on the spot.

project management dashboard software

The web based office applications from CreativePro Office are one of its kind that help the project manager to manage everything regarding the project single handed. The project manager tool displays critical project data like status of the project, hours spent on a task, project contacts, amounts invoiced, files, messages, and notes which are all presented in a single tabbed view for the convenience of the project manager. The application also facilitates to archive the data that is done with just a single click to move it from the work flow. The task manager is another office web application that facilitates to assign tasks to various team members, create threads, attach files to tasks and also track time on tasks. It also generates a small report on the pending work left on each task. The invoices application facilitates to create recurring invoices and invoices directly from the timesheet entries. It also makes it possible to download and print invoices and the clients can also make the payments through paypal accounts while going through the online invoices generated by the tool.

There are many more web based office applications that surely reduces the burden of managing a project on the project manager helping them to work smartly and enhance their work performance. These office applications can be downloaded for a trail and once you are satisfied can be blended with your work operations. With the help of the applications the project manager can never miss out on any details and can make sure the project is going on as per the schedule without any hassles.

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