Monday, 22 May 2017

CreativePro Helps You Create Professional Looking Online Invoice

CreativePro office has come up with latest online project management tools. Various companies across the globe have started using these tools as they consider these tools to be the best for managing projects. Most of the project managers all over the world feel that the main advantage of these tools is that they are very easy to use and are also very intuitive. Since, these products do not cost much, the companies can easily manage to get these products at affordable price and use them to the benefit of the company. There are several project management tools offered by CreativePro offfice. Some of them include office dashboard, project manager, invoices and expenses, group calendars, timesheets & time clock, team permissions, task management, project manager, invoices and expenses and group calendars. These tools help the project manager to be updated with the latest status of the project at a single glance. The whole data will be presented to you in one clear and concise view. You can use the tool to see the current projects, current status of the projects, open invoices, tasks, calendar and many more. You can also view other important data that is required on a day to day basis like the number of hours spent on a particular tasks, pending tasks, amounts invoiced, notes, project contacts and other messages.

online invoice

The online invoice and expenses tool is very useful to the project manager as it helps him to quickly create the invoices. The invoices are professional looking and can be readily presented to the clients during the meetings. Another advantage of the online invoice is that it can be sent to the clients through emails too. One can quickly add the timesheet entries and expense items to the project manager's invoices with the help of this tool. You can also share multiple calendars with your team and clients with the help of Group Calendars tool and let them know about your availability at any given point of time. The project manager will not lose track of the milestones and will be able to keep the project proceedings under control. The project manager can also give team permissions by using the Team Permission tools and make sure that confidential data is not leaked to unwanted users. He would be able to control the movement of information and give access to only those people who should have the information. The tools developed by CreativePro office have are of international standards. Project managers from all over the world can use these tools effortlessly and thereby manage projects more efficiently and effectively.

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