Tuesday, 3 April 2018

The Online Project Management Tools Help the Project Managers to Carry Their Job Quite Effectively

Project managers need great skill and expertise to complete the projects on time and within the client’s budget. They are the one who is responsible to coordinate all the tasks and ensure that the project is completed on time in an effective manner. Hence, project managers are always busy and feel stressed with the kind of work load. However, their job is now more or less simplified with the help of professional online project management tools that reduce their workload and burden to manage the projects efficiently. Yes, it is now possible for them to have all information on their finger tips and manage tasks by using the computerised project management tools either to coordinate the team members or assign the tasks on one hand and generating clients’ reports on the progress of the work without much efforts. Creative Pro office is one such project management software that comes with different tools to help the project managers carry on their job with greater efficiency managing human resources and expenses all from a single centralised system. The office dashboard is one of its kind that displays with widgets like calendar,     current projects, open invoices, tasks etc on a single platform to make an informed decision within no time.

online project management tools

The task management software also makes it easy to create tasks, set mile stones, generate to-do lists and also assign tasks to team members, attach files to their tasks and also track time on tasks etc that surely comes very much handy for the project managers to do their job more professionally. The task management tool also allows segregates completed tasks, incomplete tasks, generates reports on work left out in each task and can also export task lists to the excel sheet and take out PDF print outs if necessary for reviews. Similarly, the timesheets and job timer is also one amazing tool where it is possible to track the time spent on each task and accordingly bill the work hours and send it to the client. Invoices can also be created using the software to create recurring invoices and directly mail them to the clients for them to print paper invoices along with the company logo. There are also tools from Creative Pro Office like file manager, calendar, mobile and desktop apps, reports etc that surely help the project manager to carry on their job quite efficiently.

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