Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Web Based Office Applications Simplifies Project Managers Role to Handle Projects

The role of a project manager is very stressful as he is the one who is responsible to ensure everything goes according to the schedule and within the budgets to complete the project before the deadline. He has to manage multiple tasks whether managing human resources, assigning tasks, controlling finances and co-ordinating people to execute the project according to the plan. However, to ease the burden of the project managers the Creative Pro Office web based office applications have been launched into the market that surely makes life easy for the project managers. This is because the web based applications help the project managers to manage their day to day tasks more effectively and efficiently with centralised information system to handle multiple tasks from a single point. The project management dashboard software enables the project manager to stay informed on the tasks, invoices, current projects, job timer, calendar etc with just a glance from a single platform. This surely saves lot of time and efforts for the project managers with all information on their fingertips to make well-informed decisions.

web based office applications

Similarly, the project manager office application is also one of its kind that brings all details of a project like the status, hours spent, tasks, project contacts, files, amounts invoiced and messages into one tabbed view to archive the information or remove from the work flow once the job is done. The task manager web based office application is tool that helps to manage projects quite easily that helps to create and manage tasks, assign tasks to team members, create to-do lists, add comment threads, attach files and track time to tasks to manage and optimize available resources in completing the project. It is also easy to filter tasks segregating incomplete and complete tasks at every stage to have an update on the work status. It is also possible to export task lists to excel and also create PDF print outs with just a single click using the task manager tool. This would help the project manager to manage things more efficiently being in contact with the team members and having updates on the tasks completed and do be done at any given point of time to make decisions. The time sheets and job timer along with online invoices web based office applications makes it quite easy to bill the clients by the number of hours spent on the tasks. There is also file manager tool, mobile and desk top apps and many more from Creative Pro Office web based project applications that would make it simple for the project managers to handle multiple projects at the same time.

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